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Detox Clay Powder

Detox Clay Powder

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Discover a natural radiance with our Detox Clay Powder! This Premium Calcium Bentonite Clay powder detoxifies, cleanses, and purifies toxins and impurities from the head to the toes, leaving you with glowing, smoother skin. Its deep cleansing and pore minimizing power exfoliates and revitalizes while being gentle enough for all skin types. Enjoy a spa-like experience with the luxury of nature, and rediscover your glow with its luxurious, detoxifying power! "Mix it. Drink it. Mask it. Its Magic!

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Calcium Bentonite Clay has been used for centuries by many cultures around the world. The clay is known for its ability to help detox, alkalize and stimulate. This helps to bring the body into balance. Most Calcium Bentonite Clays have about 70 to 90 trace minerals. The clay is purified by Mother Nature herself, through volcanic eruptions. This event occured about 43 million years ago. Our clay has stayed Ultra Pure due to a natural deposit of a 2 ft. layer of crystalline zeolite. This layer has created the perfect natural protection from pollutants. We get our clay from a single source located in the South Western USA. It is some of the finest, clay you can find in the world today. If you don't believe us, give it a try and leave a comment. We would appreciate your feedback. :)