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More Facts about Head to Toe Detox Clay

More Facts: It acts with wisdom – it goes to the unhealthy spot. It is homeostatic and constantly striving for a state of balance 100% of the time It has the power to attract and either absorb or stimulate the evacuation of toxic and non-useful elements. As a bacteria-destroying agent, it can render contaminated water innocuous. It does remarkable work in restoring deficient organs and organ functions. It is a catalyst rather than an agent in itself. This is possible because it is clay is alive. It acts with wisdom – it goes to the unhealthy spot. It is the...

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Facts About Head to Toe Detox Clay

Calcium Benonite Clay Clay Facials Cleansing Clay Detox Clay InternalClay

Facts About Head to Toe Detox Clay   Head To Toe Clay is a green Calcium Bentonite Clay with Montmorillonite properties from the Smectite family of Clays It is unique to other Calcium Bentonite Clays in that it swells 3 times making 3 times the product and a larger surface area to bind with more toxins. It is referred to as a ‘living clay’ as it is capable of change through balancing, transforming, stimulating and the interactive exchanging of elements and energy. From helping to prevent the proliferation of pathogenic germs and parasites to aiding with the rebuilding of healthy...

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Pet Protocals

PROTOCOLS FOR PETS Below are suggested daily maintenance protocols for pets, but remember animals in the wild have free access to clay ponds, licks and wallows and instinctively monitor their own intake. They seem to know how much they need, so feel free to give them as much as they want. Do not, however, feed the clay in the dry form. Either give them the clay mask or the liquid clay. Small pets under 10 pounds: 1 teaspoon of the clay mask mixed in their food twice a day. Medium pets 10 to 50 pounds: 2 rounded teaspoons of the...

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