Pet Protocals


Below are suggested daily maintenance protocols for pets, but remember animals in the wild have free access to clay ponds, licks and wallows and instinctively monitor their own intake. They seem to know how much they need, so feel free to give them as much as they want. Do not, however, feed the clay in the dry form. Either give them the clay mask or the liquid clay.

Small pets under 10 pounds: 1 teaspoon of the clay mask mixed in their food twice a day.

Medium pets 10 to 50 pounds: 2 rounded teaspoons of the clay mask mixed in their food twice a day.

Large pets 50 pounds and over: 1 rounded tablespoon of clay mask in their food twice a day.

Horses and larger animals: 2 Tablespoons twice a day.

Pets that have ingested poison need doses 3 to 4 times a day until better.

Remember, clay is as good for your pets as it is for you and our environment. Now go give your pets some clay!

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